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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.


A 1touch home integrated home is a modern day castle custom tailored to enhance your lifestyle with easy to use technologies. You’ll have the convenience of adjusting the ambiance of your home with a simple voice command.

We’ll work closely with you to design, install and maintain:

Lighting and Climate
Motorized Shades

Enjoy The SHow

We understand that entertaining family and friends in your home is an important part of life. Whether you are a music lover, sports fanatic or movie buff (or all of the above). We’ll create a system that’s right for YOU.

Music Everywhere

From invisible speakers that create sound magically out of thin air to bezel-less in ceiling speakers that blend nicely in any decor to floor-standing speakers that will rock your home, we’ll have the right solution to give you music everywhere.

Visual Impact

Screens that appear to float in mid air, TVs that disappear into the ceiling or can sit in the rain, all in 4k ultra high definition. We’ll know just how to WOW you!


What good is all this technology if it’s not super easy to use? We take the complexity out of sophisticated systems, so you can simply enjoy the show.

peace of mind

Verify your home alarm is armed, windows and doors secured, review cameras to see if the kids are home from school, open the garage door or adjust your lights, all with ONE app from anywhere in the world, that’s piece of mind that is priceless.

Video Surveillance

See who’s at the door, or anywhere on your property, day or night, now or last week, from TVs and touchscreens throughout your home or your mobile device from anywhere.

Access control

Provide access remotely by opening doors, gates, garage doors and more. And importantly, check to see if they are secure. Yep, from one app!

Environmental Monitoring

Did you forget to turn off some lights or leave some on? Want to be sure your home is just the right temperature when you get home? Want your house to look lived in in while your on vacation? We’ve got ya covered!

Lighting and Climate
Your Environment
Just Right

We make controlling all the lights and climate in your home easy and manageable.


Your home is a beauty but nothing shows it off like a perfectly calibrated lighting scene. Press the “Entertain” button and hundreds of lighting dimmers will instantly adjust to the perfect levels, so that your home shines.


We’ll program your lighting and climate systems to suit your individual lifestyle, so that you don’t have to concern yourself with mundane tasks like leaving lights on a night or setting back the thermostat while your away.


Being energy conscientious is easy when you can turn off every single light in your home at the touch of a button or voice command…

Motorized Window Treatments
Total Light
and Privacy Control
With motorized window treatments you can add privacy, regulate the heat from sunlight and even protect your artwork and furniture, all at the touch of a button or with a voice command…..
Our Elan system was a mess, nothing worked. We were on the verge of ripping all the equipment out. Luckily 1touch home very quickly and efficiently updated, reinstalled and reprogrammed the system. Now, it works flawlessly and we can’t live without it.
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