smart-home exerience includes controlling all aspects of the home

Six Essentials for a Complete Smart-Home Experience

For many people, experimenting with smart home technology starts small. For example, you try a smart bulb or get a smart-TV. Soon after those tentative first products, most households are hooked. It becomes apparent that a fully integrated smart-home experience could be the high-tech home luxury we’ve all been waiting for. While you can add smart features here & there, the most rewarding smart homes are those built to be fully integrated. Why stop at a few screw-in gadgets when your home could become a completely responsive and immersive experience?

Let’s dive into the essentials of a smart home experience that responds to your every need, from house-wide entertainment to automated home security.

Whole-Home Sound System

When you think of a truly high-tech home, what’s the first luxury you really want? For many people, it’s a fully integrated whole-home sound system. Who doesn’t want to blast their music through every room in the house, without audio delay or losing audibility from room to room? With a properly installed smart home sound system, you can not only have the entire house share audio from the music or movies you’re watching, but you can also send specific sounds to specific rooms.

Smart speakers can let you send a wake-up call to your kids, pipe soothing music to your bubble bath, or even work as an intercom.  And with a clever combination of wired and wireless speakers, you never have to worry about clipped sounds or connectivity problems.

Room-to-Room Video

For some, whole-home video is even more enjoyable than audio alone. Perhaps you like to clean the house and watch TV or movies at the same time. When your smart-home can coordinate the same movie on multiple screens, you never have to miss something while still getting your chore-list done. You enjoy the same movie in the kitchen and living room, upstairs and downstairs, or include multiple bedrooms playing the same media.

The same system can, of course, also allow you to watch something completely different on each screen, or pair screens selectively so that any two rooms can share.

Garage Doors, Smart Locks, and Gates

Door security is a major part of the modern smart home. One of the biggest conveniences that a smart-home can supply is the ability to lock or unlock your doors and gates from anywhere using a wifi-powered mobile app.

Garage doors are a very smart thing to automate, and not just because you’re tired of losing the garage door opener. A smart garage door can be opened for guests or closed for security even if you’re away from home. And if you have an automatic driveway gate, then you can use the same integration technology to ‘smarten up’ your gate as well. This way, you can always be sure that the garage and/or gate are closed when you are away from home or choose to let someone in from a distance.

Smart locks for your front and back door are another great addition to your smart home. The best kinds are smart locks with keypads, allowing you to give a different code to each member of the family or expected visitor. You can track comings and goings and even limit codes to only work during approved hours or dates.

Automatic Window Shades

smart-home experience
Venetian blind with remote control.

You never realize how convenient automatic window shades will be until you have played with some. Have you ever taken a nap on the couch and woken up to the moving sun in your face? Ever wanted to lower the shades for an afternoon movie and had to walk all the way around the room? Add smart window shades or self-closing curtains to your smart home to really make the high-tech house feel like it can cater to your every whim. Who doesn’t want the ability to lower the shades or close the drapes with a spoken word to the smart home AI?

Complete Smart Security System

A smart security system starts with the usual components like cameras and sensors on the windows and doors. But smart home security can go above and beyond traditional alarm systems. In addition to monitoring your home’s safety through wifi cameras and aperture sensors, you can significantly enhance your home security with just a touch of additional home automation.

Scheduled smart locks, for example, can lock themselves at night to ensure that the family always sleeps in a locked house. If you go out of town, scheduled smart home features like lights turning on or even playing the television for a few hours can give the impression that your home isn’t empty to discourage would-be burglars. You can also always take control manually to monitor the house, manage locks, and simulate at-home activities through remote control of your smart home.

Whole-Home Control App Integration

The final piece of the puzzle is an integrated control app. DIY smart homes often require you to access a half-dozen apps or more any time you want to customize your smart home settings or activities. But when your smart home is installed by comprehensive-service professionals, all those smart home features will be concentrated onto a single app that you can easily control through one mobile interface. No need to open a dozen apps to change the lights and start a movie. Issue your commands through one app and let the house do the rest.


If you want a smart home to fulfill your wildest dreams of home automation, the future is now. With these essential elements (plus plenty of optional additions) you can create for yourself the perfect smart-home experience. When installed and configured correctly, your home can gently wake you up, start the coffee brewing, and turn on the morning news. Your house can welcome you home from work, help you unwind, and prepare itself for a safe and deep night’s sleep. Or it can be the perfect party house with color-changing lights and perfectly synchronized music bumping through the whole house. The choice is yours. The experience is yours. All you need is to ‘smarten up’ your house to enjoy this reality.