DIY home automation. Male using a touch screen smart home device

The Dangers of DIY Home Automation

As the home automation market continues to expand, it can be confusing to select the best devices for your home automation project. You also have to confront a vital question. Should you take the DIY approach or hire a professional for home automation? Understandably, a DIY project may seem friendlier on the pocket and can be a fun adventure. However, who do you turn to when your systems fail?

Let’s discuss the dangers of DIY projects in home automation and why you should hire a professional.

Juggling Multiple Apps

Nearly every store around you stocks off-the-shelf smart devices. You can purchase anything from lighting kits, thermostats, smart locks, sprinkler systems, and video doorbells. Many of these products come with a “plug-and-play” tag, which makes them seem incredibly easy to use. Indeed, you might get through the installation process and enjoy the devices, but then the annoying part begins. Every device has its application.

Imagine having around ten smart devices in your home from different brands, each with different apps for control. If you want to open the door, you have to exit one application and open the other. Thus, the initial convenience of DIY home automation quickly changes into confusion. You will spend more time glued to your phone, and your friends and family members will become frustrated.

With professional home automation, you can enjoy one interface to control all your smart devices. The lights, media, temperature, security, and sprinklers are all accessible on a single app. You can avoid time wastage caused by multiple apps, and your family and friends will also appreciate the convenience.

Lowered Safety Standards

While most devices will claim easy installation, few will guide you through the headache of staring at your switch plate and plugin in wires. If the thought of wiring fills you with trepidation, then hiring a professional is the ideal route. Even if you successfully install the devices, hiding away the wires neatly to avoid tripping hazards can be challenging.

If you are installing a sophisticated home automation system, faulty wiring could cost you more than your home’s aesthetic. Fire hazards, a busted electrical system, and ruined electrical devices should be the top of your concerns. Hiring professionals ensures that all your wiring is done safely and neatly. Also, when professionals install your home automation system, you can ask for servicing whenever your systems stop working.

Compromising Security and Privacy

Most homeowners forget the hacking risk associated with smart homes. Every smart gadget you install in your home sends and receives data. Each of your applications carries your personal information. The more the devices you connect, the higher the risk you put your home in. Protecting yourself from cyber attacks is just as essential as installing a smart lock on your door to keep the burglars out. Losing your personal information or videos to malicious hackers could cost you more than a physical robbery.

Seeking professional services improves your cybersecurity because it requires one control system. Professional installers also run security checks in their systems and continuously upgrade them to ensure that you remain protected from hacks.

Poor Integration

Are your entertainment systems dropping out? Is the heating never working? Is your security system in need of constant checks? Poor integration of your subsystems could result in some of these problems. As a DIYer, it might be challenging for you to find the source of the problem. It could be a glitch in the system or the incompatibility of your devices.

A professional home installation company tests all its products before recommending them to you. They have an understanding of all the glitches you are likely to encounter and understand all the gadgets that integrate seamlessly.

Insufficient Features and Functionality

Using a smart home device while cooking. DIY home automation
Using a smart home device while cooking.

It is common to encounter DIY smart home systems with inadequate features. Purchasing a device only to realize that it does not meet all your needs is frustrating. Consequently, you will lose money on the purchase and the time spent on the install. When picking devices off the shelf, you might forget to prepare a checklist for all the features you need.

Professionals, on the other hand, have comprehensive lists of all the functions your smart home systems should fulfill. When you book a consultation, you will go through the checklist and make sure that the system you install meets all your needs.

No Insurance Cover

When you undertake a DIY home automation project, your home becomes the test subject for your DIY tactics. You might interfere with your home functions, and unfortunately, your insurance coverage might not extend to your negligence. If you undertake a complex project that interferes with your electrical system or walls, be prepared to handle the risks out-of-pocket.

Why should you incur such expenses when you can hire an insured professional? When your smart home systems fail and cause further damage to your home, the risk falls on the installation company. Remember to check if your professional home automation company has insurance.

Time Wastage

While some devices might only require one plugin and a WIFI connection, others may require more concentration. First, you need to prepare a checklist for the needs you wish to fulfill through your home automation. You also have to research several brands before settling on one. Other problems include finding a dealer and preparing for shipping if necessary.

You also need to study the systems before installing them, go through instructions and read on potential problems. The preparation process will consume time that you do not have. It is also possible to run out of motivation during your project and turn to procrastination. Professionals understand their systems and will take a shorter time to give you the ideal result. You can also entrust them with installing your home automation system while you work.

Still Not Convinced?

Before undertaking your DIY home automation project, consider the following questions:

  • Are you installing a single device or going for full home automation?
  • Do you have the time and patience to understand your smart home devices?
  • Are you ready to take the risks of DIY projects?

Hiring professionals for home automation takes off the burden of you. You do not have to worry about research, time, brands, integration, security, among other risks associated with DIY home automation. At 1Touch Home, our professionals are trained to install smart devices to serve your needs. Contact us today or schedule a consultation to learn more about professional home automation.