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4 Smart Home Technology Must-Haves

Smart home technology is certainly reshaping the way we experience our homes. On one hand, more homeowners are warming up to the idea of integrating smart home devices. On the other hand, some homeowners feel that smart home tech is a necessity in either part or all of their homes. From bedrooms to kitchens, smart home technology is integrating our lives almost seamlessly. With that said, here are 4 smart home technologies that will take your home to the next level.

Smart Bathrooms 

Smart bathrooms may not be the first area of the home that homeowners tend to experience the power of smart home technology. However, in 2019, more homeowners have been taking advantage of everything a smart bathroom has to offer. 

Smart bathrooms add value to your home, all while providing you with a convenient and fun way to get ready in the morning. From lighting, showers, and toilets, there are so many ways to integrate smart devices into your bathroom and take your experience to a whole new level.

For example, digital showers boast a digital thermostat, unlike a traditional shower. This allows you to program the perfect showering temperature to fit your needs. Further, a digital shower can also come in handy for safety reasons. If you have children, this feature can ensure that they are never scalded by high water temperatures.

Another way to integrate smart home tech into your bathroom is through smart toilets. From the surface, a smart toilet may seem like a luxury. But it’s far more than that. Smart toilets will warm your seats and protect against water overflow, which can save you money. Even more, smart toilets are self-cleaning for those that want to minimize germs and improve hygiene. 

Smart Locks 

As safety and security continues to be a concern for homeowners, smart locks have become one of the most important smart home tech for homeowners. This is because smart locks provide homeowners with the added security they not only desire but need.

With smart locks, homeowners can lock and unlock doors remotely. This is beneficial if you’re away from your home or on vacation. Indeed, knowing that you have remote access to manage your home’s safety features will certainly ease your mind. Further, knowing that you can stay on top of your home at all times without the added stress.

At the same time, having remote access to your home’s locks allows you to let friends and family in at your convenience. For instance, maybe you’re on vacation and you forget to water the plants you worked so hard to grow. You can easily grant access to anyone to come in and water it for you right from where you are. 

Smart Climate Control 

Smart climate control is more than just changing your home’s climate. It’s about gaining control over your comfort. With that said, climate control has become a top priority for homeowners that want to improve their home experience. 

Controlling your home using a device such as a smart thermostat allows you to automatically adjust room temperatures. Certain areas in your home may need to be cooled or warmed more than other areas in your house. Smart thermostats will allow you to keep an even temperature throughout your home so that you never have to unnecessarily experience a room too hot or cold ever again.

In addition to this, a smart thermostat is a great investment that will save homeowners money. When you invest in one of these devices, you are investing in automatic energy management. If you need to power something off, for example, you can easily do this remotely. This really shaves costs when you can utilize your heating or cooling only when you need it.

Smart Appliances

smart home trends home automation
Using a smart dishwasher.

Smart appliances such as refrigerators and dishwashers are becoming more popular. These appliances can easily take your cooking experience to the next level. For instance, a smart refrigerator is useful in telling you that you’ve left your refrigerator door open or your smart dishwasher can tell you when there’s a malfunction. At the same time, smart appliances can cut costs on your energy bill and essentially make home life much more convenient.

Additionally, smart appliances are always accessible. With that said, if you ever feel like you’ve left an appliance on and you’re away from the home, you can easily turn these off through your mobile device. This will not only save you energy but minimize the risk of a much larger issue such as a fire.

What Smart Home Technology Trends are Emerging for 2020? 

Smart home technology has been so successful in 2019. With more homeowners getting acclimated with the idea of smart home tech, you can expect better and more refined integration coming into 2020. 

Home automation is one of the many things you can expect to see homeowners focus on as more smart home devices are added to their collection. This is because home automation makes managing all of your devices easier than ever. Automating your smart devices gives you access to control more than one smart product in your home through your mobile device. For homeowners that’s ready to take the plunge into the smart home world, automating your home will be a top priority for the best user experience. 

Another trend emerging in 2020 is the continued development of artificial intelligence. AI already plays an important role in how smart devices are controlled but you can expect it to be even smarter moving forward. More specifically, it’s likely that artificial intelligence will play a more pro-active role in security and surveillance to help minimize threats. 

Aside from this, you can also expect smart home technology to place more priority on going green. Smart home tech is no stranger to being environmentally friendly. In fact, smart thermostats can shave as much as 30% off of your energy bill. With that said, expect more technology to follow suit in 2020. Going green is already a global priority, and based on current user demands 2020 environmentally-friendly smart devices could become commonplace. 


Smart home technology has simplified our lives and improved our home experience since stepping on the scene. Each year, new trends emerge that give homeowners a new and improved way to enjoy their home. If you have a smart home or are interested in taking your home to the next level, consider these 4 smart home technology must-haves.