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Let 1Touch Home Automate Your Home

Home assistants that power smart home technology will soon be as common as the smartphone. In the near future, people will be able to control every aspect of their home from one central platform. For many, that future can be now. Powering it with most smart home solutions requires a lot of work though. You must gather all of the smart home enabled devices that you wish to control, install them, and go through the hassle of making sure they are set up properly in your home assistant.

1Touch Home systems change all that. We’ll acquire all of the parts and install them with a state of the art control platform that you can operate from anywhere across a wide variety of devices. 1Touch Home is the easiest way for you to step into the future today and make your home the envy of your neighbors and friends.

Controlling Shades and Blinds

You wake up on your off-day, intent on sleeping in, but falling back asleep is difficult because the sun is shining in through the blinds. With a 1Touch Home system, it doesn’t matter that you didn’t think to close the blinds before bed. You won’t have to get up and ruin your chances of falling back asleep. Just grab the 1Touch Home remote from your nightstand and let the system close the shades for you. You’ll be back to sleep and enjoying the relaxation of a day off in no time.

Maybe you have the opposite problem, you are trying to wake up and start your day but the blinds are closed and it’s just too relaxing in the room for you to get yourself in gear. Perhaps you are already up and just want to let a little more light in the room. 1Touch Home will be there to let that light in with minimal effort on your part. There is never any need to drop whatever is keeping you busy in order to open the shades.

The convenience of being able to quickly open and close the shades from anywhere will not only benefit the humans in your house. Your expensive artwork, flooring, and furniture will all benefit when it is more convenient for you to close the blinds regularly. You can now shield them from harsh and damaging rays of the sun even if you forgot to close the blinds before leaving the house.

Speaking of leaving the house, keeping the blinds closed while you are away will not only protect your belongings from the sun, but it will keep your house cooler so it is nice and comfortable when you get home.

The Perfect Ambience Anytime

Controlling the shades is just one small part of what 1Touch Home can do. If you are coming in late from an evening out, 1Touch Home will turn on your lights, close your shades so they do not bother you in the morning or open them so they help wake you up when the sun comes out, and adjust the temperature in your climate control. It can do all of this while you are still on the way home, so everything is ready for you when you get there.

Of course, you can also have a morning routine. No matter when you want to have your lights come on and off, or adjust the air conditioning and heat in your home, 1Touch Home will be there to ensure that all facets of your home are on the perfect settings for any time of day. Go green and save on energy costs at the same time with strategic use of your blinds and timed usage of central heating and air with dynamic temperature controls. 

1Touch Home can provide you with an extra layer of security as well. Even if you are half a world away on vacation, any light in your house can come on or go off to give would-be robbers the mistaken impression that your house is occupied.

And Much More

1Touch Home Automation from a tablet
Father and daughter in kitchen behind smart home automation system on a digital tablet

With a 1Touch Home home automation system, you’ll be able to use any smartphone or tablet along with our touch screen and remote control interfaces to control every aspect of your home. Aside from just lights, temperature and shades, you’ll be controlling all of your media, your security system, cameras, and more. You can even control all of those things from halfway around the world. The days of needing a different remote for every piece of electronic equipment in your house are over. 1Touch Home controls them all from one easy to use platform.

Best of all, we have a very sophisticated installation process. You will not have to worry about wires, speakers, or electronic boxes cluttering up your living space. All of those things will be expertly concealed that they remain out of the way and your home looks clean and uncluttered.  We don’t want to do anything to distract from the elegance of your home and will make sure that all of our installations complement it rather than degrade it.

About 1Touch Home

Getting a 1Touch Home system installed is easy. A visit to our experience center will allow you to see what our systems can do and decide which features you’d like in your own home. From there, we’ll draft a plan for your home automation system. This will include everything that the project will entail, and you’ll be given a list that details the scope of the work so you’ll know what you are getting into.

Once our installation experts have installed the system on your own, we will show you how to use it so there’s no guesswork and you can start getting the most from your system right away. But our service to you doesn’t stop there, we work 24/7 to respond to emergencies, fix outages, install firmware upgrades, and answer your customer support needs.

To schedule an evaluation of your home and see what 1Touch Home can do to help you conserve energy and live the luxury lifestyle that you deserve, contact us today. We will be glad to take a look at your home and help start the process of making you the envy of the town.