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What Is Worth Automating in Your Home?

Home automation is the most fun you can have with your home alone or with family. Never before has a home been able to be interactive, to respond to your every command, or even play games with you. Of course, everyone automates their homes differently. Some people install smart lights and leave it at that. Some go all-out with homes that seem to come to life when they wake up or come home.

One of the things many homeowners find themselves wondering is “What should I automate? What is worth making automated?” As it turns out, the answer is almost everything. There are so many ways to automate your home from the garage door to your coffee maker and if you like telling your house what to do, then it’s all worth it. Today we’re diving into the wonderful world of home automation and what of the many things in your home are worth automating for your delight, comfort, and safety.

Convenient Security

Let’s start with security. Keeping the home secure often takes a reasonable amount of daily effort and is the opposite of convenient. You spend a few extra minutes every day locking doors, setting alarms, closing the gate and garage. But now? Your home can do it all for you, and more.

Garage Door

Ever drive away to work and realize as you’re getting on the freeway that you may have left the garage door open? Or worried that kids or guests are leaving the garage open while you’re away? Never worry again, and possibly never scramble for that garage door remote either. You can schedule your garage to close at certain times of day, so it takes care of yourself. And with a word or tap of the phone, you can close your garage from anywhere. Even at work or on vacation.

Front Door Lock

An automated smart lock provides similar freedom, giving you the ability to re-lock the door at any time. Or unlock the door if you know a guest is arriving while you’re not at home, then lock it again behind them. But even better, keypad smart lock can allow you to give each person in your family, each home service professional, and each guest their own code. You can track comings and goings and even set a schedule so that specific codes only work during specific days or times of day. 

Your schedule can also make sure the door locks every single day after everyone has left and around the time the family goes to bed.

Video Doorbell

Ever hear someone at the door when you’re in the shower? Or need to answer the door while being stuck at work? The video doorbell lets you look out your front door without opening the door, or even being home at all. Many models also give you the ability to talk back to visitors, asking who they are, apologizing for not being home, or giving last-mile delivery instructions to package carriers.

Gate to Yard

Many people overlook the yard gate, but you don’t have to. With an automatic swing and latch, you can make sure your driveway gate or backyard gate is always closed when you’re not home. Even if kids or service personnel come and go.

The Pet Door

The cherry on top of your home security automation is the fact that you can even integrate the pet door. If you have a dog or indoor-outdoor cat, having a pet door you can close and latch on command can be a huge worry off your mind, whether it’s to keep the pets in/out or be sure that no tiny unwanted visitors are wriggling in while the family is out.

Automated Comfort

Your home is your castle, and your castle should be comfortable. Among the most popular ways to automate your home is to kick back and set up the house to be perfectly comfortable no matter where you are or how you like to relax. Because with home automation, you don’t have to get up and make adjustments. Just a few taps of your phone can make your house perfect for napping, relaxing, or partying.


Automated thermostats are an incredible addition to any home. You will never have to walk to the thermostat to see the temp or make adjustments again. Not only do you have on-demand changes, but thermostat programming has never been easier. You can program the house to cool down at night, reduce power usage when empty during the day, and get to just the right temp immediately before you wake up or family starts to come home.

Window Shades

Automated window shades are one of the coolest under-considered smart home options in the business. Who doesn’t want to be able to completely transform the light and ambiance of a room by controlling their shades with voice or phone? Whether it’s movie time, nap time, or you’re throwing the blinds open to elt in the sun, automated window shades are tons of fun.

The Lights

Speaking of the lights, smart lights are an essential part of any automated home. Not only can you control on/off and dimming. You have full control over the color and shade of every light in the house. You can choose a soft glow for bedtime, a cool blue for movie time, or flash those colors when it’s time to party. The power is in your hands.


Entertainment is another essential part of home automation. Most smart home hubs are prepared to entertain you. But is your home prepared to be entertained? It can be.


A large smart television is an incredible addition to any automated home. It not only turns on and off, but you can access all of your online media options, switch between inputs, skim through movie files in a USB and so much more. When your TV is hooked into the unified home automation suite, entertainment was never easier.

Music and Sound System

Of course, you don’t want to forget the sound system. Anyone can set up a smart TV, but not everyone can hook surround-sound and whole-home speakers into their automated home system. Combined with on-demand music and other audio media, your sound system can transform your home into a fully automated experience. Not to mention, a great place for movies and parties.

Just for Fun

But the fun doesn’t stop there. We’ve only barely covered the basics. There are actually hundreds of more ways to automate your home, and many of them are more fun than purposeful, designed just to delight you and add entertainment value. Of course, it’s your home. You deserve to have a little fun with it.

Hot Tub Settings

Ever wish you could fire up the hot tub without fiddling with the dials? With expert home automation, you can. In fact, there’s a whole suite of outdoor automation waiting to be discovered, from your yard lights and pool features to actual fountains jetting water and lighting on command.

The Coffee Maker

samrt home automation technology
Using the Saeco application on an iPad.

Waking up to smell the coffee is heavenly, but that only works if someone else gets up before you to make the coffee. Until now. Smart coffee makers can coordinate with your morning alarm to start brewing before you’re even out of bed. You really can wake up to smell the coffee.

The Refrigerator

Want to know how many eggs are in the fridge? Want a recipe to read itself to you while you cook? A smart fridge can do all that and a few things more. Essentially a fridge with a tablet on the door and an internal camera, smart fridges are a lot of fun for supporting your cooking habit with home automation.


Last but certainly not least is the fun you can have with automated cleaning. Roombas were a pioneer in home automation and they’re still a hilarious addition to your smart home suite. Especially if you glue ears and whiskers to it and pretend it’s your robo-pet.

What Else Can We Automate?

If you’re upgrading your home for automation, what is worth automating to you? Every household is different, but the more you automate, the more fun you can have.