Optimize Your Environment with Simplified Home Control and Automation

Optimize Your Environment with Simplified Home Control and Automation

Picture yourself entering your home. 

Imagine you’ve just put in a hard day at work. Now you’re looking forward to kicking back without a care in the world. 

The last thing you want to do is spend time adjusting every setting in your house to create the right atmosphere. You don’t want to be worried about anything but total relaxation.  

Now to imagine that the second your feet enter the door, everything is perfect. It’s exactly as you like it. 

What if you had a platform that could help you create that optimal environment at your home with just a few taps of your finger? 

With 1Touch Home Systems, that’s exactly what you can do. Our environmental solutions integrate with lighting, thermostats, and entertainment systems allowing you to take command of everything in your home from one platform. It gives you a holistic, comprehensive approach to environmental and atmosphere control in your own home. 

Whether it’s security, lighting, or entertainment, we fold all of your home’s elements into one simple-to-use platform. We remove all the guesswork out of adjusting these systems so all you have to do is enjoy them. 

Let’s take a closer look at how 1Touch Home Systems can help automate your home’s internal systems. 


Our system lets you control the amount of sunlight you let peer into your home. We have a set of specialized automated window treatments. You can customize this capability to open your shades and drapes to let the sun in when you want it. You can also close those shades and drapes for added privacy and security when you want that as well. 

This is a great feature for anyone who may work off hours – you can keep the sunlight out during the day to avoid any disruption of your sleep patterns.

It’s also great for anyone who wants to limit the sunlight when it’s too bright at any other time. Our automated window treatments can help minimize the impact harsh sun rays have on artwork, flooring, and fabrics. It can also keep your residence cool, limiting the heat of the hot sunlight. 


Our automated systems can also help you control the lighting at night when sunlight isn’t an issue. Our intuitive lighting solutions can set your lighting on a schedule that works for you. It’s easy to customize no matter what time of day. All you have to do is adjust your own settings and the system will follow your automated schedule. 

While it’s useful to set the mood a number of different environments (a party, reading, enjoying a movie with your family), easily adjustable lighting also has another practical usage: helping to regulate your home’s security. 


You can also use the previously mentioned lighting feature to create the appearance of an occupied home when you’re away. 

Let’s say you’re out for an extended period of time. Or maybe you’re running behind, staying out much later than you’ve expected. With our system’s automated, strategically-timed lighting, you can keep any potential intruders at bay. Your house will look as if you’ve never left, keeping it safe and allowing you to keep your peace of mind while you’re out. 


The hallmark of kicking back and relaxing in your home is tapping into your home entertainment systems. This could mean listening to your favorite song. It could mean watching your favorite movie. Or it could mean catching up TV shows you’ve recorded and been dying to catch up on.

With the 1Touch Home System, you have easy access to all your favorites.  No matter what type of media you want to consume, our platform leaves you a few taps of your screen away from total enjoyment. 

The 1Touch Home System lets you listen to the same song in multiple rooms. It features minimally obtrusive speakers that don’t sacrifice sound quality. 

We also give you endless options for anything you’d like to watch or play on your TV. Whether you’re watching cable, satellite, or a streaming service, 1Touch Home Systems can integrate it. It’s another unobtrusive option as well. 1Touch Home Systems can be tucked away in a cabinet or behind a piece of artwork, cutting down on all the wiring and remotes you’re accustomed to with traditional platforms. 

Temperature Control

Optimize Your Environment with Simplified Home Control and Automation
Intelligent home automation system, controlling temperature

You’re on the freeway in the middle of a heat wave. You know that the second you set foot in your door you’re going to need to cool off after sitting in a sweltering office and now hot car all day. 

That’s where our automated systems come in handy. With one tap of your phone – from your car, still stuck in traffic – you can activate your icy cold air conditioning to cool your house and leave you with maximum comfort as soon as you get home. Forget sticking your head in the fridge while you wait for the A/C to “kick in”. Circumvent that process with one tap of your smartphone.

Or perhaps you wake up in the middle of a winter night. A cold snap has hit your area, plunging temperatures well below freezing. You don’t even have to get out of bed to warm your entire family up. A few more taps and you can adjust the heat as high as you need to keep everyone in the house warm and cozy. 

Our temperature controls are dynamic, meaning you can control them on demand. This helps you set the house temperature at the level you always want it. You can save energy and create the perfect comfort zone for you and your family. 


You’ve worked hard for your home and everything that comes with it. Don’t you deserve the ability to customize your home’s environment exactly how you want it? You shouldn’t have to waste time toggling through multiple remote controls and adjusting settings on countless devices. Shouldn’t you have the ability to create the perfect home setting in a way that is both convenient, energy conscious, and simple to use? 

Let 1Touch environmental solutions help you conserve energy and offer the luxury lifestyle you and your family deserve. Contact us for shading, lighting, HVAC and home control evaluation today!