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Much More than your “Typical Alarm System”

1Touch Home is located in Denver, Colorado, but serves homeowners and businesses throughout Colorado and in Maui, Hawaii. Some of our clients say they were reluctant to purchase a home security system because they think it might be too technical for them. Others are afraid that this kind of system would need endless support and frequent repair. When we hear statements like these, we get excited about showing clients how easy, maintenance-free, and useful our safety and security add-ons can be.

At 1Touch Home, we are in the business of assisting you by offering a simple way to control your home, media, lighting, security, and temperature. Our extensive range of services and solutions will probably surprise you but will amaze you, as well. By using your smartphones, tablets, touch screens, and handheld remotes, your lifestyle is going to become more manageable, safer, and happier.

What 1Touch Home Does 

  • Our clients need not concern themselves about a thing. Our team handles the entire process.
  • The crew comes to your home and installs the necessary features.
  • 1 Touch professionals who install your technology also design the system in a way that best fits your needs and tastes.
  • Our technicians stay with you until you are entirely familiar with your new features.
  • When installation concludes, we make sure that you are satisfied with every aspect of your new Smart Home.
  • We leave your home knowing that we have installed a system that will keep your family safe.

The 1Touch Process

Consultation – We will come to your home and gather information on specific requirements you may want and your expectations concerning our systems. We are looking for insights from not only you and your family but also from:

  • Designers
  • Architects
  • Assistants
  • Builders
  • Electricians, and any other entities who are part of your team

Experience Center Visit – Since we are focused on providing you with customization to achieve your vision, we ask clients to tour the Experience Center. The Center allows you to see demonstrations of the technical possibilities for your home or business. Our Center is located in central Denver and is designed to help you learn about the system and how it improves the circle of security that surrounds your loved ones.

System Design & Project Plan – After you have decided on the services needed, we will show you a complete system and project designs, including:

  • Wiring schematics
  • Custom drawings
  • Rack configurations
  • Scope of work documentation
  • Timeline
  • How to use your integrated security system

Installation – Our offering of pre-wire, integration, trim out, training, and completion of your project will take place once you make your appointment for the installation. The installation will also meet 1Touch’s rigid standards documented in the system design.

Education – Upon the completion of the installation, our representatives will take whatever time is necessary to direct you in how the system works. Training will continue until our team is satisfied that you know how to operate your integrated safety and security system.

1Touch Care – Our follow-up comes in the form of maintaining:

  • 24/7 priority response time for emergencies
  • Firmware upgrades
  • Scheduled cleanings
  • Proactive equipment and software monitoring

What Features are Installed?

We intend to go beyond the typical alarm. We want our clients to use their smartphones to wirelessly control lighting, shades, temperature, entertainment, and, yes, most of all, security. So let’s discuss the varied hallmarks of our Elan Home Control & Automation Systems.

1Touch Technology Platform and Integrated Video Intercoms

This technology allows you to see and speak to whoever comes to your door.


Home or business owners may provide temporary access codes for trusted delivery personnel or guests.

Keyless Entry

All family members receive a code for keyless entry. The 1Touch systems track all who enter or exit the premises.


In the event of water leaks, or other hazardous conditions, sensors will alert you and provide for quick response, along with ensuring your peace of mind.

person looking at video surveillance on laptop

Surveillance Cameras

Our cameras have:

  • Built-in motion detectors
  • Virtual perimeter monitors for threats and notifications of suspicious activity
  • Face recognition technology


These signals are in place to hinder intruders and notify your family and authorities of danger.

Lighting Control

If your rooms need a more dramatic and beautiful aesthetic, or you need to brighten or dim the lights inside and outside your house, the 1Touch Home System makes a difference. It also allows you to do away with or ignore the multiple light switches all around every room in your house. One single, elegant, serviceable lighting keypad can control the lighting in and around your home.

Homeowners can help the environment by programming their systems to know the time of day. They do not have to do anything. The system will save energy by turning off lights when they are not needed.

A Control System

Think of your control system as the brains and brawn of your home. The control of all home systems (HVAC, pool, audio, shades, spa, lights, security, video, and more) consolidates into one application. No training is necessary. You will be controlling your entire home in no time at all.

Let Your Imagination Go Wild

Some features that come with smartphone security and home controls technology are genius. Examples include:

  • Adding your baby cam to the platform for fast and easy oversight
  • Making your swimming pool safer for young ones by placing pool cams around the area 
  • Making future expansions to your system straightforward due to your system’s flexibility
  • Locking or unlocking your deadbolts
  • Viewing security cameras anywhere and anytime
  • Checking on your pets
  • Automating outdoor lights
  • Heating your spa or pool
  • Turning on your fireplace
  • Listening to your playlist anywhere; inside or outside your home
  • Planning a home theater, media room, or a gaming room with the assistance of 1 Touch’s designers and acousticians 
  • Hiding your shades or curtains with 1Touch. Shade hardware can be out of sight when smartphone technology does the work for you. When harmful UV rays are fading carpets, rugs, or curtains, program your control panel to lower the shades in question.

1Touch Home

Our company is in the business of improving and protecting the lives of our clients. Not only do we offer excellent service and product, but we also have gained our clients’ trust and loyalty. Our clients know that 1Touch Home is well-versed in the installation and maintenance of your most valuable asset, your security technology. The comfort that comes with knowing your family is safe and secure cannot be measured. Contact us to find out more about smartphone home control. We know you will be thankful you did.