Maximizing Safety and Security in Your Smart Home

Safety and security: they’re a top priority for many families. You may find yourself wondering, “Will a smart home really keep my family that much more secure?”. The answer, simply put, is, “Yes!”. Using a smart home can offer a number of features that will improve the overall home security, from allowing you to control access to bringing loved ones safely inside, rather than keeping them waiting on the porch for someone with a key to arrive. Consider these key features that can help impact the security of your home.

Control Everything From Your Phone

With 1Touch Home integrated security systems, you don’t just get an alarm. Rather, you get full control of everything directly from your phone. This includes security and safety measures as well as access to home controls like lighting, shades, climate, and even entertainment. Everything is right there in the palm of your hand, allowing you to control access to your home and raise its safety no matter where you are.

Get a Solid Look at Who is at the Door

For years, you’ve taught your kids to look to see who’s at the door before they open it. Unfortunately, that’s not always entirely realistic. Sometimes, it’s hard to see who’s standing at the door before you open it. Other times, simply looking through the peephole or window is enough to let a potential intruder know that you’re home and who is standing there at the door. With 1Touch, however, you don’t have to put yourself at risk. Video monitoring will allow you to see exactly who is standing outside your door from wherever you are. This means you can easily tell whether or not it’s worth getting up to answer the door as well as alerting you to a potential threat before it becomes more serious.

Even better, the 1Touch system allows you to communicate with the people outside the door. You can tell delivery people where to leave packages, let friends and family members know that you are busy or unable to accept visitors at the moment, and even communicate with people that you perceive to be a potential threat, all without leaving the safety of your home or forcing you to open that front door. This incredible system can help keep you safe and streamline communication and convenience all at the same time.

Offer Temporary Access Codes

Temporary access code for home security

Typing in passwords on an electronic door lock.

Do you have a guest arriving at a time when you won’t be available? What about a delivery person who will be arriving when you aren’t at home or when you’ll be busy in another area of the property? With 1Touch, you can offer temporary access codes to guest and others who may need to utilize specific areas of your home on a temporary basis. Since these codes are temporary, they won’t allow ongoing access to someone that you would rather not allow in the house. Instead, they expire at a predetermined time. Have a guest in your home long-term? You can keep their access code fresh. Want to let a friend in once so that they can drop off a treat? You have the ability to easily control that access, removing the code when you’re done.

Unlike traditional keys, access codes can’t be copied without your knowledge. You’ll never have to worry about who might have access to your home. Not only that, access codes can’t be dropped or lost (though they can be forgotten), which means that you won’t have to change your locks because of one careless friend.

Know Who’s Home

With the 1Touch system, each family member gets their own access code for keyless entry. The system then records that information, providing confirmation of who has entered and left the residence at any given time. Not only does this give you a good idea of exactly who is at home at any given time, but it’s also an excellent way to keep track of teens who may be reluctant to make it home on time. You’ll be able to access the system and easily tell exactly what time the kids got home.

Monitor Potential Problems

Surveillance cameras installed on the 1Touch system don’t just record who’s there or let you see outside your front door. They have built-in motion detectors that are designed to help you see exactly what’s moving around your house and take note. Facial recognition can be programmed to recognize family members or to quickly identify the intruder. Is there a suspicion of a problem? You’ll receive an alert immediately so that you can decide how to react from here.

Track Safety Throughout Your Home

Potential intruders aren’t the only threats that could potentially cause problems for your home and family. Water leaks, carbon monoxide, and other threats can pose serious hazards for your family members. The 1Touch system keeps those hazards in mind, as well, monitoring for those conditions and alerting you if there’s a problem with home security.

Alarms Improve Security

Alarms have two key advantages. First and foremost, they let an intruder know that they’ve been spotted, which will often scare them off and get them away from your property. It may not catch an intruder, but it will prevent them from being a threat to your family. Alarms can also be used to notify the authorities and bring help quickly and effectively, which will ensure that you have support if you need it. As an added benefit, alarms can also help ensure that every member of the family knows that there’s a problem, which means that everyone will be on high alert until the situation is dealt with.

Learn More About Home Security

Keeping your home and family safe is your top priority. With the 1Touch system, you can significantly increase your overall safety and provide the security that you so desperately want–all from the palm of your hand. Still curious about how the system works? Schedule a tour today so that you can have a chance to see the 1Touch system in action and learn more about how it can make your home and family safer.