Home automation with consolidated smart device.

Why Home Automation May Fail You

Homes are becoming more connected than ever. You are able to connect with more devices than ever before, using incredible strategies to make your life more convenient. Your thermostat is easily accessible from your cell phone, allowing you to adjust the temperature while sitting on the couch or make a quick temperature change when you know you are not going to be home. You can check your home’s security camera from wherever you are, even allowing access to your home with the simple press of a finger in your app.

Unfortunately, that connectivity also comes with its fair share of difficulties. Is your home automation failing you? Are you starting to wonder if “smart” homes are really so smart after all? Consider these common reasons for home automation failure and determine whether or not the solution is simpler than you think. 

Common Home Automation Problems

While there are a range of different problems that may occur, there are several specific challenges that many smart-homeowners struggle with on a regular basis. Consider these challenges: 

Too Many Apps

Sure, your home is “smart”, but sometimes, it might not feel as though you are! You have a wide range of apps to manage at any given moment, each of them with their own unique set of challenges. Most of the time, those apps work approximately as expected, but sometimes, it can feel impossible to get them to do what they are supposed to do! When you do have a problem, you may struggle to discover whether it is the app, the device, or your home setup, and that can make it difficult to reach a solution.


The point of home automation is convenience. You want to be able to easily access the apps and programs that are most important to you, and you do not want to have to wait for them to work! Unfortunately, all too often, you are stuck watching things buffer. No changes are being made, and even if you are not waiting impatiently for the results yourself, you may have other people waiting on you. 


When you opt for home automation, there are many devices in your home, all connected to the internet, and likely all connected to your router. Unfortunately, that can present a unique problem: it leaves the door open for your home being hacked. You do not want to run the risk that a hacker will get access to your smart devices, especially the ones like your security system or cameras. Worse, you do not want a problem with your home automation to create a bigger problem for your overall security, allowing hackers back door access to your phones, computers, and more.

Decreased Network Speeds

Your network used to be top of the line. Unfortunately, the more smart devices you add, the slower it gets. You have added in entertainment devices, lighting, home shades, a smart thermostat, and more; and all of those devices take up bandwidth. Unfortunately, that may leave you struggling to use any of the devices in your home, whether it is another laptop or tablet or the devices that are designed to improve convenience throughout your home. With slowed network speeds, working from home or even completing school work will pose additional headaches and challenges; and you are starting to think it would be easier to get rid of those extra features to allow you to use the ones you really want.

The Wrong Features

You selected the smart upgrades in your home for a reason, likely because there were highly specific things that you wanted it to do. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, those features just are not working as anticipated. You may have chosen the wrong devices, you might be using the wrong apps, or your subsystems may not integrate the way you want them to, leaving you without the features you most wanted from your smart home. Unfortunately, it is beginning to feel impossible to make things work the way you want them to! Maybe there are components missing. Perhaps you are struggling to get the results you want. Whatever the case, your smart devices may quickly start to feel like one big headache.

Solving Home Automation Challenges

The solution to many of your home automation challenges may be simpler than you think. The average home network simply is not designed to handle the stress from dozens of smart devices. You may struggle to keep up with connection speeds, and your network may be incredibly slow. Not only that, you are juggling a lot of apps, each one with its own unique challenge.

The solution? Work with 1Touch Home. We understand the frustration when your smart devices are offering more of a headache than they are convenience, and we want to help you reach your streamlined home automation goals. To achieve this, we will:

Install a Better Router

You need a premium grade router to provide your WiFi and offer support to all of your devices. With 1Touch, you will get a better understanding of exactly what type of device you need to run your home more effectively. 

Work to Consolidate Your Devices

Home automation with consolidated smart device.
Home automation with consolidated smart device.

You want to be able to run them all from one easy location, and we want to help! At 1Touch Home, we want to help better connect your devices and give you better overall function. 

Better Understanding Your Devices

Do you really know how your devices work, including how much of your network they require in order to work at peak efficiency? At 1Touch Home, we will help you better understand your devices and how they work as well as what they need to work more effectively. You will discover that when you understand how it works, you will be able to run your home more effectively. 

Learn More About Home Automation

You want your smart home to work for you, and at 1Touch Home, we want to help you do exactly that. Contact us today to learn more about how we can keep you more connected and your home running more smoothly. Your smart home should offer convenience, accessibility, and increased comfort for you, your family members, and your guests. If it is turned into more of a headache than it is worth, contact us today to learn how we can help transform your home once and for all.