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One Touch Home window covering solutions go beyond just blocking out light. Our experts design, install, and program window covering solutions that invite light and nature into your home, protect interiors and ensure privacy.

Get the most out of your views by taking the effort out of enjoying them. Open all the shades in your room or home with a just one touch. We work with your designers and architect to minimize the impact of the shade hardware, housings and infrastructure, hiding them in ceilings and window headers. That translates into having your shades descend from mere slits in the ceilings overhead.

Home décor and architectural finishes are all enhanced by natural light. One Touch Home combines the power of natural light with the automation of protection to ensure the right light gets in and harmful UV rays stay out. Shades can protect your flooring, artwork and home furnishings from harmful UV rays which can damage the value of your home. Let us take the guesswork out of protecting that investment by programing the shades to drop automatically based on the time of day, amount of light and temperature in your room.

Cut down on energy consumption by covering windows and automating the control temperature throughout your residence. Our efficiency solutions save you time and money, while all the while enhancing your home’s interior.

Stunning views are great when you’re the one looking out. Shades provide a range of privacy options that allow you to enjoy your outdoor views, and easily protect what’s inside with a touch of a button. When combined with our smart sensors, your privacy can be automated based on the time of day, and the indoor or outdoor light levels.

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