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One Touch Home is about more than just convenience. Protecting your network and your valuables is our top priority. Offering a wide range of products, our system turns your entire smart home into a single, connected security system.

From alarm systems, to camera’s, deadbolts, lighting and remote monitoring your home and life are in good hands. A One Touch Home system leverages all your connected devices to monitor, deter and secure your life. Whether it’s preventing loitering around your property, locking down your home with a touch of a button, or allowing you to check-in on loved ones while you are away it’s always about more than securing just your residence.

The One Touch Home integrated approach to security systems means you get one system that does it all. Our full-service team will design, layout, install and program your system specifically to your home. We will make sure that your system works today and is ready to scale for whatever technology comes next.

Not only do you have complete control over your smart house, but you also get a smart system that learns from all its components. That means that our analytics aren’t limited to just door sensors and cameras. Unlike other, more siloed security solutions, our systems can respond to complex situations to alert you when it matters and call for help when you need it.

Get peace of mind knowing that your One Touch Home is working around the clock to keep you safe. You can rest assured after hitting the Goodnight Mode before closing your eyes, or the Away Mode while at the airport, that your doors are locked, cameras are on, and security sensors are armed. The One Touch Home security teams are always available and ready to respond to whatever threat your home may face.

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