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Accent your homes décor with the control of light with one touch.  Weather its fine tuning a single light fixture, a group of lights within a room, or every light across your entire property we’ll keep it simple to offer the perfect light every time for every occasion.

From its architectural elements, exterior features, interior furnishings and everything in-between your homes esthetic should be a reflection of your vision. Let One Touch Home work with your designers and architects to utilize the control of light to maximize the impact these elements have on the expression of your home… day and night.

Eliminate the race track walk around your room flipping light switches and abandon the rows of switch and dimmer banks cluttering your walls. Replace them and the need for the extracurricular with a single elegant lighting keypad or flush a touchscreen into the wall and with a One Touch, set up the perfect amount of light every time, any time of day in any room inside and outside of your home.

Imagine lighting so intelligent it knows what time of day it is, where you are in your home, when your away from your home, or want to relax inside… all this with you giving it a thought… just perfect lighting every time while conserving energy, expense, and the environment along the way.

Whether you’re enjoying the evening air, watching a movie, taking a bath, or entertaining, One Touch Home light control delivers the perfect amount of light any time of day for all occasions with One Touch.

Turn off all the lights as you leave or prepare your home for your arrival by illuminating a pathway from your garage to the family room with One Touch inside your residence or on your way home.  Intuitive lighting based on the time off day offering the perfect lighting every time, so you don’t even have to think about it.

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