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Bring your rooms to life with music and video, all from a single touch. One Touch Home Entertainment solutions place all music and video sources into one simple control and allow access to all these sources across your entire residence.

Enjoy balanced music in every room inside and outside that doesn’t distract, unless you want it to. The One Touch Home system allows all your favorite music and internet music stations streamed to any room in your home. With speakers that minimize their visual impact but not the size of sound, you’ll let your tunes fill the space, and not the speakers.

Imagine walking through the foyer, the living room, grabbing a snack in the kitchen, and settling by the pool… with your favorite tunes accompanying you all the way. Whether it’s streaming your favorite internet music service, a cd or mp3 from your personal music collection, or critically listening to your favorite vinyl we’ve got you covered in any room, anytime.

Enjoy instant access to watch your favorite movies, television shows, cable/satellite, games and more effortlessly, anywhere in your home. Plus, minimize the impact of video electronics when you’re not watching, and let One Touch Home tuck your flat panel away in a cabinet, or behind a mirror or a piece of art. We offer endless options for every environment.

Get the most out of your watching experience with a One Touch Home Theater solution. We design custom theaters and build, treat, and tune in-house. Plus, with our Video Services, you can continue watching your favorite TV shows, movie or playing that game that you started in another room seamlessly in your very own movie theater.

Don’t let video electronics get in the way of your viewing experience. Minimize impact of video electronics with automation solutions that keep the focus on the show. Whether it’s a dedicated home theater, media room, gaming mecca or all of the above, One Touch Home designers and acousticians are ready to customize a design that pairs elegance with raw power. With over 10+ years of theater design and acoustic environments we’re ready to transform your room into a state-of-the-art theater that rivals the IMAX.

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