Control System

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The control system is the brains of the home. It consolidates the control of all the home systems (audio, video, lights, shades, security, HVAC, pool, spa and more) into a single application that’s user friendly and consistent across entire residence.

There are no complicated instruction manuals to learn before you can start controlling your home. Our control systems take the guesswork out of the technology. They are so user-friendly that while we are always available to help, we’ve had to come up with other ways to keep our training technicians busy.

Control the lights, arm the security system, lock your deadbolts, view security cameras from a single application anywhere, anytime. Let One Touch Home put your mind at ease by offering complete controlling and monitoring of your home while you’re away from home. Set up alerts, automate exterior lights, and even check in on your pets and family while you’re away.

Global programming to allow a single button press to perform many actions. For example, the Away Mode allows you to turn your house “off,” arm the security system, secure deadbolts and change the set points of your temperature settings, all with one touch of a button. You have complete control over to customize the experience. Another example many of our mountain clients love is to be able to with one touch heat up your pool/spa, warm up your house, turn on your fireplace and illuminate a pathway to your living room. You dream it up and we’ll deliver!

We understand the pace of technology and aim to keep you a step ahead of the technology trends. Over the years we’ve seen our fair share of vaporware and techno fads which allows us to weed through the voodoo to design systems with today’s finest components which will last into the future. We’ll be sure that your home works today and has the capability to scale into the future.


Here are some examples of One Touch Home Control Systems: